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4 Questions That Will Save You Thousands of Marketing Dollars.

Let's face it, anyone over 18 is old.
The world is changing and it's our duty to figure out how to keep up! Although I doubt that I have to prove my point I’ll give you few examples of what I’m talking about. I passed a guy on the freeway with a full sleeve tattoo that was driving a Toyota  Prius. My buddy just bought some pants that are tighter than his girlfriend’s, Joggers they are called... something like that. Orange is the new black, black is the new blue, blue is the new red, and who knows what the new white is! Personally, I thought that if anything was a constant it would be colors but, I guess even that shows my age.
Traditional marketing… out the window.
As the rest of world changes so also does the way that people's attention is captured. We, as business owners, marketing and new business development directors need to be at the forefront of this evolution of marketing. Let’s be clear here this is not a small evolutionary development like a fish using it’s fins to walk on land. This is a giant astroid type of evolutionary step in the marketing world. Ever since Nikola Tesla invented the radio advertisers have been in control of the marketing messages we have been bombarded by. Suddenly now the consumer is given the power to choose what messages they want to receive.

Remember, Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Here are a few tips that I'd found to be very helpful as I've tried to understand the way that potential customers want to be approached:

 • People want to do business with their friends. Treat everyone as a friend, simply getting to know your potential clients will build trust and open up doors for future networking.

 • Social networking is no longer a teenager's game. Social networking is a great way of getting your name out there and creating a great face for your business. Maintain your social presence diligently, consider working with a professional to get your's under control. (That doesn't mean talk to your daughter) or (No, your daughter is not a professional)

• Put yourself in your customers shoes. If you can see your product or service through your customers eyes your marketing will always be successful.  

You should ask yourself these questions as you are reviewing your next marketing campaign. 

1) If I knew nothing about my product or service would this marketing make me want to know more?

2) If I saw the first 3 seconds of this ad would I stop to read, listen or watch it?

3) When I receive the promotional offer will I be delighted or feel like I have been taken for a ride?” 

4) When I interact with the people, product or service my company is promoting will I be delighted enough to recommend it to my best friend?

In the end, the market is made up of humans and humans are fickle. This new consumer armed with the power to choose are more fickle than ever. We have to evolve, but not for the sake of evolving. We have to evolve to keep up and some of us will may actually get ahead of the next trend. Bringing in new customers isn't a game of simple numbers and persistence anymore, we’ve got to get smart to get in front of the market.
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