A Conversation on Making Your Blog Posts More Interesting

Fritz: Hello Andre!
Andre: Oh hey Fritz...
Fritz: What could possibly be wrong on this beautiful day?
Andre: We don't have any followers Fritz.
Fritz: Andre! you have to make yourself interesting, you have to put yourself out there or no one will want to follow your boring blog.
Andre: I don't know how to do that.
Fritz: Well first off you are the best designer I have ever met, you only have this lammmmme personality because you hide in your "creative closet" all day and design amazing pieces of art!
Andre: Maybe that is why we are such a great team, because I can spend all my time doing things that are worthwhile, and creating amazing masterpieces. Meanwhile, all you do is talk a lot and put yourself out there on brochures, websites, even seo websites, billboards, radio, television, on demand web printing... so I do everything that takes any brains!
Fritz: ....I have to go.
Andre: Fritz?.... FRITZ...? oops.