Do You Work with Someone You CAN'T Stand? Don't we all?

Very rarely do you hear someone say, "Gosh I love everyone in my office. They are just the darndest greatest people to work with." I've been known to smack such happy-go-lucky people in the chops. No, not really, but it is rare to not vent about someone we work with or even bitch about a client we don't see eye-to-eye with. Complaints and frustrations with personel and clients are definitely part of the marketing world. I adore my clients but that's not to say I have never gotten off the phone with one or two of them, grabbed a bottle of bourbon and took a swig (or three) before saying something I would most likely regret. That part is true.

Years ago, I picked up a book titled, "Dealing with People You Can't Stand. How to Bring Out the Best in People at Their Worst". I haven't read it but it sits on my desk as a constant reminder I will always encounter people I will not get along with in life and at work so get on and get over it. Well, there the book sits and I need something interesting to blog about so why not pick it up and give it a quick scan through to see what Dr. Rick Brinkman & Dr. Rick Kirschner have to say about a-holes in the office. 

The book starts out positively. The dedication says: We dedicate this book to global peace and a world that works for everyone, which will happen when people make peace with the people they can't stand." I'm not sure the doctors have many women in their workplace but okay, what else do they say... Huh, there are 19 chapters in the book and each one is dedicated to a type of scenario or person we may encounter every day we go to work or to lunch or even home. So I won't bore you with those and jump straight to the end, The Afterword. Hey, here we go, there are 3 easy action steps we can all start working on today! Okay! Let's do this! 

1) Be an effective communicator! Let's see, my toddler challenges my communication skills every single day and I have learned to be more patient and more creative with my words and directions. Therefore I speak to everyone as though they have been on this planet for only 3 years. Done! 

2) Team up with a communication partner – someone who is as eager to learn as you are. Well, I guess that's what I'm doing now by writing and sharing this blog post. So enjoy all you people, whom work with people you can't stand and fortunate enough to find this bit of mumbo jumbo on the internet, we're now communication partners! Life's a Garden, Dig it! 

And the final simple step to start working on today is...

3) Count your blessings. Can't say much else than that. Personally, I have worked with Fritz and Andre for two years now and after working at some other corporations, I have to say, I count my blessings every single day. I'm a lucky lucky girl and I hope everyone can find and remember the things that matter most to them all the days you live. 

That was a fun lesson for the year! Take this information and go out there and be positive communicators!