Lisa Skinalicious

inBound Marketing Nearly Landed Me in Jail

No lie. The story I am about to share is 100% true. 

A little background. I am Lisa, Tony's wife and I am a lover of all things girly. I am also a lover of a good deal. Here the problem begins. 

About 3 years ago, I became obsessed with Latisse.  It was a great product that worked like a charm. Tony, stop reading now! For those of you unfamiliar with Latisse, it is a product that makes your eyelashes grow. But because it is owned by a "big pharma company" you must go to the dr. ( $20 co pay) and get a diagnosis of "inadequate or short eyelashes." With this diagnosis, you are now able to get a prescription and start "treatment."  Let's face it, short eyelashes is something no one should have to live with. The treatment is very expensive and once at the pharmacy your dropping another $120. Seriously, Tony if your reading this, you really should quit now.

So as fate would have it, I have a lovely daughter who also suffers from " inadequate eyelash growth", so like any good mom I supply her as well. So at this point I have spent about $280. This process is repeated every 3 months. The product is addictive, it actually works! Somehow that was all the justification I needed to continue this habit.

As it should happen, I love shopping on the internet. Go figure, right?  Well, I happened upon a site in India where I could purchase a generic form of latisse for pennies. I immediately make the purchase, 2 weeks later my package arrives. This product works better than latisse! There were several times when my daughters eyelashes were so long they were getting caught in her eyebrows and had to trim them. Blinking was becoming a problem. The compliments came rolling in, well of course like any other woman, I tell all my friends and neighbors about this fabulous product. Everybody wanted in. So before long I was literally on a first name basis with my supplier in India. 

It was great! I had a system set up so that my business ran automatically—I would leave the product in a little box by my front door, friends and neighbors knew when the box out there—-product was in! I would come home to a little box literally full of money. 

SkinaliciousWell my dear, sweet husband decided that my "honor system" really wasn't such a great idea. He decided it would be better to make a website where people could place and pay for an order. I batted my lovely, long lashes and said, "whatever." Unbeknownst to me, my website was getting a ton of traffic. Tony was fascinated by the analytics of the whole thing, he would show me google spikes and he mentioned once or twice that he was going to have one of his interns do some inbound marketing starting with writing content. I think one of them even started a facebook page for me.  I was making a killing! I didn't care how it worked.

I have only been to my website one time, it was when a police officer showed up at my door and told me " we need to talk."  Just so happens that one of the lovely lady detectives purchased the product on my site after reading about it on facebook. Apparently there was quite a discussion and some ladies had even posted pictures. When she received the product she realized it was an Rx. She turned me in! The officer then told me that I could be prosecuted for " the selling and distribution of illegal drugs." 

Damn my husband ! He knows I don't look good in orange. Well all is well that ends well. They decided not to prosecute as this was my first offense. I had to promise not to buy and sell drugs anymore.....super bugged about that. Now I have a job writing blogs for my husband.