Just a Girl, Talking about Marketing and Being a Girl.

This is my first time blogging so reader beware!

As someone who has fallen into marketing as a career, I have realized one absolute about the industry... there is no absolute. It's sooooo time consuming to keep up with everything and everyone. What's in? What's out? What works? WTF? And not only that, but who's to say they have the right answer? Excuse me, but who are you to tell me what I need to know? By the way, what do I need to know again? 

I'll keep my first entry short. I'll give you the brief history of me and stop. I don't want to give everything away my first time. I'm not that kind of girl.

The quick and dirty about myself, in case you didn't read my bio on the site, I started my marketing journey as an account representative for a large up-and-coming digital print marketing company. I knew nothing about everything and learned very quickly. I took a quick break from the print marketing world and worked for a modular flooring company as a "marketing director" when I realized I needed to nail down a husband and conceive a child before I, myself, became no longer marketable. Once I succeeded in those two things, I quit that job, took a year off to figure out full time motherhood was not my forte and fortunately was asked to work for Fritz and Andre. 

How it all began- The year was 2002, Michael Jackson was still alive and P. Diddy was still called P. Diddy. I was just passing through Utah for the amazing mountain views and ended up an account manager for Rastar Digital Marketing. I don't doubt my "personality" helped me acquire this job because I didn't know a lick about marketing, printing, or Utah. I quickly learned and moved up in the ranks to a production manager until the company was sold to a Canadian print conglomerate in 2009. This was when I knew it was time for me to move on. Working for a large corporation has never been appealing to me. 

Luckily, my networking led me to a very comfortable paying job as a "marketing director" for a local modular flooring company. I say "marketing director" because I didn't have a team or any kind of structure in this position. It was just a title on my business card and I did whatever I was told by the owners. A perfect nine-to-fiver to get me through my other life challenges. After two years as the most successful marketing director this company ever had, I decided my new family was a good excuse to take a break from the working world to try out this wife-mother thing. 

After a year of the wife-mother thing I was begging for some adult interaction in my life and a pay check. And here I am, with Fritz and Andre, and loving every second of it.