The Not-So-Real History of Fn'A

Joes_poster_lowRezOnce upon a time in a country called blandland, there lived two little fellows.

One named fritz. One andre.

Being jolly, happy, and dare we say a little mischevious by nature, fritz & andre (otherwise known as fna) decided to shake things up in blandland. They noticed that things were always done the same way and were boring, lifeless, and stuffy. They knew it was their mission to make blandland spicy.

So, on the night of march 27, 2007, fritz & andre secretly started to create advertisements, billboards, commercials, websites, and more to turn heads, raise eyebrows, and even cause "oh my!" To escape from otherwise proper folks' mouths.

Since then they have created many messages with such profound meaning, impact, and results that now only one exclamation can be heard all across the land...

FnA: now that's just good marketing!

FnA is a marketing agency that started out close to 20 years ago (then known as Anthony Franklin) as a full service ad agency. We now have been part of the marketing revolution and have moved most of our work from print collateral to web motivated. Still we have print jobs, and enjoy them. Most of our client have come to the realization that most lead generation is going to come from SEO, web sites that have lead generation, press releases, and our new favorite PURLS. The PURL technology is a new way to collect data. We can create a PURL (personalized URL) for an entire email list so it would be something along the lines of When a person sees their name they are more intrigued to will go type their PURL into the address bar. When they do we ask them certain questions in turn for a 'treat' - whatever we offering to get them to go to the site; free tickets, free sample, ipod, anything! This way we collect their information find out about them and now have received permission to market to them!

Please contact us to find out more about this technology that will get your business a boostin'!