U 2 me

1 to 1 marketing is the most effective way to market. Too bold of a statement? No way. Imagine your prefect customer.. If you're a retail company that sells clothing, this customer (we're going to name Lester) might come in once or twice a week and purchase a few items each time they visit. Lester also brings friends each time he comes in, because he loves the quality of the clothes.

Now Lester is a perfect customer because he keeps coming back, he always purchases clothes he bring in new business and is a FREE consistent marketing tool. Now imagine if you could figure out everything about Lester that makes him the way he is.  Maybe he makes 40k annually, he is married and his wife loves the clothes you sell, he only wants to spend a certain amount on clothing.  All of these variables make your perfect customer 'mold'. What FnA does is come into your business find out what that mold is and through a process we invented called 'engage' try and turn all of your customers into perfect customers and find your new customers that are a lot like Lester.If you are not in retail don't fret, Engage works for any type of business. If you have more questions please contact us and I will answer them! I would love to show you how we can work with your business and make you even more successful!