Creature From Black Lagoon

What does your business need to survive?

Who loves the Syfy channel?

Yeah, me too! So let’s get into that state of mind real quick and write our own creepy Syfy storyline. Let's say our businesses have come alive — what will they be looking for to survive in our atmosphere?

1. Of course we all need food, water, and shelter.


In a business sense what does that relate to? As for the basics like food and water a business also needs sustenance or an income and new business. Shelter could equate to a business and how it requires a “safety net”. If y’all have ever gone through the “Monopoly phase”  where for weeks on end you can’t stop pulling out that board game you’ll know what I mean. 

The minute you drain your bank account and put everything you got on Tennessee is the same minute you land on boardwalk and lose it all!

2. In my opinion, everyone needs something they’re passionate about. 

A business is the same way. Potential customers or clients need to feel that there is passion in your business in the way your company interacts with the market.


3. A good social life. 

A couple years ago I had the opportunity to see a young boy, probably 6 or 7 years old walk up to his mom with a gloomy look on his face he said, “Mom, my sex life is in the dumps!” his mom quickly corrected him and replied "don't you mean social life?"Although this poor little guy was in a bit of a naïve state he was able to recognize something that most of us struggle with. We all need some sort of functioning social life... it’s in our blood. And our businesses need the same interaction. Even if it is a dog eat dog world, dogs travel in packs. Your business needs to network and have strong relationships with other companies. Do things to build those relationships. If all you ever focus on is the cash at the end, that’s all you’ll ever get and you’ll always be struggling to retain customers.

4. Religion.

Although many will disagree with this statement we all need something to believe in, hope for, or have faith in. Our businesses will come alive and be infused with great power as it becomes defined by a moral code. We as humans start to comprehend our own self worth as we begin to draw the lines that we won’t cross and live up to those goals. Our businesses need the same guidelines. We need to strive to be a strong presence in our communities, through acts of service and contributions that hold no ulterior motives other that doing good. As we do this, our companies will gain respect, trust and life-long customers. sillyprayerpic

5. Rest

Humans require a “shutting down time.” A time to walk away from the troubles of the day and simply relax and recharge. All those that are employeed by your company need time to clear their minds as well. Even in times of success if we don’t allow ourselves and our businesses to rest it can feel like we’re drowning.

We should be proud of the business that we stand at the helm of. As we strive to understand the impact we want our business to have in our community we’ll better understand where we fit in the bigger picture. Look forward to our future posted as I expand on these 5 important topics! *kinda lost that whole "syfy idea didn't I?"