Align Sales and Marketing

Align the sales and marketing team members, goals, and activities to make sure everyone is on the same page. In a small company, sales and marketing functions are often the responsibility of one or two people with blended roles so the communication of goals and priorities is often simple and clear.

As an organization grows, it’s common for marketing teams to have very little knowledge of the sales process, and for sales teams to be clueless about the effort required to generate the leads they are following up on. Among other things, you need to make sure your marketing activities are designed to:

  • Attract and educate prospects that are easier to sell to
  • Increase the efficiency of your sales process
  • Generate enough qualified leads to support your growth goals
  • Improve close rates

In the end, your marketing and sales teams have the same objective: to attract qualified customers to use your products and purchase your services. Adopting a collaborative marketing approach is the first step to optimizing results and maximizing your budget!