Lead Scoring

How many times have you heard sales reps complain about the quality of the leads they get? Sacrificing lead quality just to deliver a higher volume of marginally qualified leads erodes your company’s performance from top to bottom. Think about that for a minute. If marketing doesn’t drive the lead qualification process to ever increasing standards of quality, everyone suffers from sales, to manufacturing, to shipping. Consider the proliferation of high quality content available on the Internet and the impact this has had on the ways buyers make purchasing decisions.

Effective inbound marketing requires an even deeper understanding of the influences that make your prospect tick. If you’ve dialed into your customer persona, and spent time analyzing which leads become customers and which don’t, you can hone your inbound marketing strategy. As prospects travel through the funnel they’ll have more and more “Ah Ha!” moments as your content speaks directly to topics closest to their heart – and their bottom line.