Universal Search

Universal search was first unveiled by Google back in 2007 to offer blended, more relevant search engine results pages (SERPs) — with listings in a variety of formats. These blended SERPs can be especially valuable to those new to inbound marketing. Why? Because even great blogs often have a hard time consistently ranking on page one without authoritative, relevant inbound links. After you’ve created a remarkable post, make your thought leadership more visible on page one with these four steps:

  1. Create a basic presentation in PowerPoint on the same blog post content, with the same on-page SEO keyword strategy and a call-to-action. Save it as a .pdf and add it to your SlideShare profile
  2. Add voiceover narration and royalty-free music and compile into a screencast video. Add this video to your YouTube profile with the landing page URL
  3. Use your blog post’s (sub)heads and numbered lists to create social status updates
  4. Embed the SlideShare presentation and YouTube screencast in the blog post