XML Feed

An XML feed is a plain text version of your website pages that’s perfect for sharing between other applications and using on other websites. Ever noticed a dynamic weather widget on a news website? Chances are, it’s fed by an XML feed. Ever subscribed to a blog’s RSS feed? That’s XML in action!

When someone includes your XML feed on their website, your content becomes visible to an entirely new audience — theirs! Clicking on any of the links in the feed brings them right to your website. This allows more traffic to come in, making your reputation as a reliable and valuable resource more credible. A more common use of XML feeds is to allow subscribers to your blog to receive an email notification every time you publish a new post. Services such as FeedBurner let you see how many subscribers you have and how many of them are clicking on the links in the emails they receive, so you can see what resonates with your audience. These constant reminders of your outstanding content keep you top-of-mind and your readers primed for your marketing messages.