Free Inbound Marketing Campaign In a Box

A few weeks ago I held a workshop on how to run an online marketing campaign. I put together a complete kit including: 

  • A step-by-step user guide on how to run an inbound marketing campaign
  • An inbound marketing campaign checklist
  • Worksheet: Blog editorial calendar
  • Worksheet: Google Adwords
  • Worksheet: Social media scheduling template
  • Worksheet: Buyer persona template
  • Worksheet: Nurturing and automation planning
  • Worksheet: SMART goal planning
  • Worksheet + deck: Monthly reporting template

I though it would be a waste if I didn't share all this valuable material I had created. So feel free to down it here or click on the image above.

As inbound marketers, we’re constantly creating and promoting content to attract prospective customers. 

In the midst of that ongoing work however, sometimes it also makes sense to run a concentrated inbound marketing campaign. 

What is an inbound marketing campaign? 

A campaign is a special kind of marketing push. It aligns every one of your marketing channels and all of your content around a single goal and message. Typically campaigns run for a shorter, concentrated period of time like 4-6 weeks and have a clear end goal.