Utah's first Solar Park Tour, held at T.R.A-MAGE, huge success!

September 23rd – 25th T.R.A-MAGE hosted the Solar Tour in American Fork at their Solar Education Park. The event was a tremendous success, with the general public, Alpine School District, and the Media all attending in abundance. The various stations that were set up to inform the public about the many ways in which alternative energy can be used to save money on one’s utility bills were of particular interest to those in attendance.
This park was designed as an educational resource for those that are interested in learning more about the latest trends in solar technology; including solar tracking, solar racking and solar mounting systems. TRA – MAGE is dedicated to helping the public understand the basics of solar energy, with a vision of increased education and adoption of solar energy throughout the state of Utah. The opening of the Solar Education Park is a major step toward achieving that goal.
"This solar park is an incredible opportunity for Utahns to learn about renewable energy. It's really a unique location where you can come and see all different types of technology in one spot.” says Levi Belnap, executive director of Utah Solar Energy Association. The park has now been officially opened to the public and everyone is welcome to visit anytime during business hours to see what the park has to offer. Having been equipped with 19 mock-roof areas, 2 solar tracking systems, and a host of solar mounting systems (including those for metal roof installations) the solar park is truly a unique solar education experience.
Advances in solar technology have led to vastly more efficient solar panels on the market and have helped them to become more affordable as well. The Europeans have made it a goal to gaining up to 20% of their power from renewable energy sources by the year 2020. Companies like TRA-MAGE are making some of the same goals possible for the USA. By encouraging young people to get involved in careers within the renewable energy industry and allowing the public to experience the benefits and potential of solar power, including the latest in solar mounting and solar tracking systems, the Solar Education Park is paving the way towards our own renewable energy pursuits.
Students from the Alpine school district were particularly fortunate to be able to speak with a variety of engineers in a one on one environment and ask as many questions as they liked while on their guided tour. However, the goal of TRA-MAGE, located just South of the solar park, is to expand beyond students and educators and is hoping to attract the general public as well. We invite anyone that is interested in the latest in solar tracking and solar mounting technology to visit us, and our staff is happy to answer any questions that might pop up while walking through the park.