Analytics without action

Published: Wednesday, 14 September, 2016

If you're not prepared to change your diet, don't get on the scale...

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Spam Traps: What They Are and Why You Should Pay Attention to Them

Published: Friday, 26 August, 2016

Spam Traps (also called “honeypots”) are simply ways to identify and monitor spam. Creating them is as easy as taking an email address or even an entire domain that hasn’t been subscribed to any emails and sending an email to it. Since they haven’t subscribed to any mail, it will be considered spam.

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Part 3: Better Marketing with Closed-Loop Marketing

Published: Wednesday, 3 August, 2016

This is the 3rd of a 4 blog series on closed-loop marketing.
Closed-loop reporting is one of the most powerful tools that online marketers have at our disposal. Not only does it allow us to demonstrate the work’s value to our bosses, organizations and clients, but it also enables us to do better marketing.

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inBound Marketing Nearly Landed Me in Jail

Published: Tuesday, 19 July, 2016

Damn my husband ! He knows I don't look good in orange. Well all is well that ends well. They decided not to prosecute as this was my first offense. I had to promise not to buy and sell drugs anymore.....super bugged about that. Now I have a job writing blogs for my husband.

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Easily Compare 15 Marketing Software Packages

Published: Thursday, 23 June, 2016

In today’s knowledge economy, the marketing landscape for businesses has changed dramatically. Companies that hope to effectively spread the word about their offerings, attract customers, engage with them and ultimately retain them, need to adapt to these changes. Those that fail to do so will fall behind. Below are 15 great marketing softwares that can help companies remain relevant and master marketing in the digital age:

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I Made a Conscious Decision To Be a Smoker

Published: Wednesday, 8 June, 2016

I had just read The Secret and I knew if I told the universe I wanted friends, the universe would provide. Seriously, I don’t know if it was the 3 or 5 shots of tequila or the universe manifesting my request, but suddenly I was really funny and witty and had friends everywhere. It could have been the tequila. Don't base your personas on intuition, what you think will change, sobriety or quite buzzed — base your personas in cold hard analytics. Never decide on a persona after tequila shots...

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Go to Gym you'll feel better

Published: Wednesday, 11 May, 2016

A little background here: I have been a stay a home mom for most of our married life. When our last child left home, I was lost. I wasn’t sure what to do with myself all day, I had no other identity, I needed to rediscover who I was.

I poured my heart out to Tony.

Tony said, “ Go to the Gym you’ll feel better.”

Lisa, "Huh? Wait are you saying I'm fat?

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WTF do those advertising terms really mean?

Published: Saturday, 2 April, 2016


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What is Visual Based Blogging

Published: Wednesday, 2 March, 2016

Use your introduction to provide a caption for your image(s). Why is it valuable? What’s the point? Image posts don’t require a lot of text, so choose your words wisely. Here are some examples of Visual blog posts:

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On-Page SEO

Published: Wednesday, 23 December, 2015

With all the Google algorithm changes and debates on what SEO really is, we wanted to share the truth with you. Search Engine Optimization is about one thing: providing content the user is looking for.
This involves two key drivers: relevancy and authority.

Relevancy built through content on your website i.e. Don't use a picture of a Ninji getting offed if it has nothing to do with the content of your article.

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When budgeting are you a "whisperer" or a "prayer"?

Published: Wednesday, 2 December, 2015

One day a friend and I were looking for a good way to burn an hour or two and we had the fantastic idea to play the legendary board game Monopoly. I imagine that the executives at Parker Brother’s probably have a team of lawyers that specialize in the field of divorce ...

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Many cool clients

Published: Wednesday, 11 November, 2015
We've been very busy getting out our new 1 to 1 PURL product lately. Fortunately, we have stayed very busy throughout the last couple months! Here is a sales tool we are designing for a client, in a very simple clean and crisp look!

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